April 10, 2010

A Little Hand Candy...

Southern Weddings was having a little photo contest for a candy themed ring image and I thought that might be fun! I haven't photographed in a while so it was a fun little project for me! Not sure if I will win, but I enjoyed it! I like the blue jelly bean fishy the best. Indulge in a little hand candy!


  1. these are precious! I LOVE the RESEES ONE! =)

    <3 kPow

  2. I love the Reeses one too. Great job with the lighting on both pictures.

  3. oh wow! I love these! Before I read it, I thought, these look like Megan photos! Ha! I hope you win!

  4. I especially love the blue fishy one! So cute, yet elegant at the same time. :)


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