May 20, 2010

The Bridesmaid Predicament

This week I am up visiting a best friend for her birthday weekend and wedding planning for her New Years Day wedding next year. Today we were on the mission to narrow down the choices for bridesmaid dresses. You all know the same problem: trying to find a dress that everyone will like. Not only that, but a dress that will flatter all your girls of varying shapes and sizes. My friend also has another question of finding a way for her Matron and Maid of Honor to stand out. Do you distinguish them with a different color, maybe a larger bouquet, or a different dress entirely?

Maybe I am not the best girl to ask because, for my wedding, I eliminated a lot of those questions. Ladies, you would have loved me, because I let all of my girls pick their own cocktail length black dress. How easy is that? You can find them anywhere and it is something each girl will definitely wear again. Not one of them spent anymore that $50 (I had one who even borrowed a dress from a friend). I know it doesn't go with tradition, but I really like the idea of different dresses. They just seem to effortlessly blend together and look beautiful and natural. I am loving this beautiful shot by Carla Ten Eyck from over on Style Me Pretty.

Even mixing two dresses, like this wedding by Joey + Jessica Weddings, is seamless and stunning.

But, back to my friend. I think we finally decided on doing two different dresses. Her Matron and Maid of Honor will wear this gorgeous Vera Wang in a slate gray, while the other four of us will don this Pricilla of Boston gown in a deep plum. All in all, I think the whole look will be fabulous!


What do you think? Do you like your girls all in one gown, or do you like to switch it up?

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