May 3, 2010

Invitation Q&A: Lion in the Sun

Today is a real treat! Melinda Morris, founder of family owned Brooklyn custom invitation company, Lion in the Sun, has stopped by to share some great tips for brides in search of the perfect invite! With over 30 years of experience, Melinda knows her stuff! I asked her a few questions that I thought would be helpful to you brides searching for the perfect invitation:

What is the most popular trend in wedding stationary right now?
Accordion folds with multiple panels and lots of information. Also, perforated reply cards are huge. We are also seeing faux bois (fake wood) or wood paneling or wood grain paper.

What colors can we look forward to seeing in 2010?
We are seeing rich vibrant colors paired with metallic this Fall: red or fuchsia with silver or gold, plum and silver, navy and silver or copper.

Save the Dates are becoming very popular, have they now become expected? 
I think brides feel they are expected, but I don’t feel most guests expect them. Save the dates are a nice heads up, particularly for destination weddings, but I don’t think it is tragic if you don’t do them. My personal feeling on save the dates is that the people who love you will be there if they can save the date or not.

Most wedding vendors are moving toward online ordering, how do you separate yourselves from the rest? 
While invites are a really hard thing to order online, we know this is the way most people prefer to shop. In fact we are launching an online invitation collection this summer that is uniquely our Lion in the Sun style and service. But most importantly, it is all about Brooklyn… So stay tuned.

Any advice for the bride-to-be beginning her invitation search?
Look at lots of designs for inspiration and look at things in person. Paper and printing styles are really different when you are able to touch them in person. Also, see what you like verses what the trends are and go with your gut.  Go with what makes you happy. Last but most importantly, don’t underestimate the importance of your invitation. It is the first thing your guests receive, it sets a tone, makes a statement and is the most tangible part of your wedding that your guests will receive. When you look back at your invite in 15 years, you want to still love it!

Thank you so much Melinda for sharing all of these great tips and some of your gorgeous invitations! Be sure to check out her site and blog for more beauty and tips and if you're in Brooklyn, make a stop by their shop in Park Slope!

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  1. Love the Q&A addition. Good job.


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