May 29, 2010

Photo Fridays (on Saturday)

Ok, so I know its not Friday, its Saturday. I just came back from vacation and am completely out of it, totally forgetting that yesterday was Friday. Whoops! So, today I will share with you the gorgeous images you were meant to see yesterday!

These images are stunning, simply stunning! I found these treasures over on Green Wedding Shoes. As I was scrolling down the post, I saw this first image and was completely blown away! The light is so breathtaking! And from there the beauty kept flowing with glorious image after glorious image! These portraits are some of the most beautiful I've seen! They were all captured by the ever amazing Clayton Austin (whom you may remember from this incredible engagement shoot a bit ago). He truly is a master in his craft! Enjoy the photo goodness!

I am just so in love with these portraits, but the details from the wedding are just as good! Be sure to check them out over on Green Wedding Shoes!

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