June 9, 2010

Trend We Love

I'm loving the growing trend of brides wearing non-white wedding gowns! Though white is the traditional color, now a days, brides have the freedom to wear whatever they want. I think this trend adds so much personality to your wedding day! Here are three different brides with three very different styles who pull off this look seamlessly! This fashion trend is not for everyone, but with the right bride, is can be magic!

What do you think? Would you don a colored dress or is the white gown a wedding tradition
 you wouldn't skip?


  1. i wouldn't skip on wearing a white gown...but to each their own

  2. Although I think all of their dresses are stunning, and I'm all for non-traditional wedding things, I still think I am attached to wearing a white dress. It really makes you stand out on "your" day. :)


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