July 22, 2010

Inspiration Board: Summer Green

There is nothing quite like a crisp and clean summer green! Paired with a bright white, it is the ultimate modern summer combo. A gorgeous outdoor lawn setting is a must! Pick a spot under the shade of a big beautiful tree, creating a natural 'altar'. I'm totally loving this simplistic table setting by Martha Stewart. It is classic, crisp and fresh. Fruit is always a great accessory, but use it in moderation, like this sweet bowl of apples. For jewels, I have completely fallen for Elva Fields designs! This green wonder is the ultimate in statement jewelry! J. Crew is the go-to designer when looking for simple and chic gowns. This wedding dress is perfect for the modern bride!

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Have I ever told you how much I love comments? They really make my day!
What do you think? Too simple and modern or just the right amount of style?

P.S.- It's my lovely mother's birthday today! Love you mom! :)


  1. This is gorgeous!! I love that necklace...I am going to have to go check the price tag on it. Btw, tell you mom happy birthday for me! =)

  2. such a gorgeous colour and i love the idea of using apples/fruit on the day! lovely!

    MrsJKD. X

  3. The green is so refreshing. Feels like a fresh spring day.


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