September 29, 2010

Fashion: Jenny Packham

Nothing brightens the week more than some gorgeous gowns. And there's no one better to do the trick than Jenny Packham! Her Spring 2011 collection is just too much fabulous to handle! She has her trademark sexy art deco gowns that are always stunning, with a few other lovely silhouettes as well. All of them are breathtaking and glamourous, yet still classics. They are so etherial yet ooze femininity and sex appeal! I also really love how she gives so many more options than the basic strapless gown! So much to fall in love with!

This left gown is so Grace Kelly gorgeous!! Total swoon!

Love these stunning love sleeve alternatives!

These short dresses are way cute and the perfect exit dress!

What do you think? Which one do you love most?


  1. these dresses are so airy! they are gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh oh my gosh I LOVE the very top right dress. That's so fantastic. No groom or wedding for me, but that's my imaginary dressfor now. love her collection!!

  3. LOVE! 4th row, second one - that one is my FAV!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm in LOVE!!!!! these ate simply gorgeous!!!


  5. I simply couldn't choose a favourite - what a beautiful collection!

  6. Wuh-hoah! I don't think i've even been in love before with EVERY dress in a collection! Thanks for sharing GG!


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