October 1, 2010

Photo Fridays

Are you all ready for some glam? Because today's bridal shoot is almost too hot to handle! Super sexy and full of glamour, this is one fabulous bride! Cindy, the bride, wanted to do a completely different look for her bridal portraits. What she ended up with is one chic, high-impact, and steamy shoot! I also love how the groom, Chris, joined in on the fun as well! The photos by the extremely talented Amy Wood are jaw-dropping and a must see!

And just to share a comparison to Cindy's wedding look, here are some shots from the wedding day. Totally beautiful and fresh and such a change! It just shows you that if you are going more natural for your wedding, there is nothing stopping you from going getting a bit more dolled up for portraits!

Thanks so much to Amy Wood for sharing these amazing photos! And an uber congrats to the fabulous couple! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Holy moly. Fashion model, anyone? What a great idea and a beautiful bride after my own heart. She will cherish BOTH sets of pics forever. Thanks for sharing!

  2. SO GORGEOUS. I love that this couple did both sets of photos. It's always hard to pick just one amazing look!

  3. O.M.G, Seriously? This is the BEST bridal shoot I have ever set my eyes on!! What a hot couple & it is so chic! LOVE, LOVE!

  4. Awesome! These are really great photos. Love the whole shoot. They look like professional models. I am sure they will love both sets of photos for years to come.


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