November 4, 2010

Inspiration Board: Autumn Gold

I've been in love with these warm gold hues for autumn. Fall is the perfect time for a rich and rustic wedding. Load your bouquet with a bounty of texture and color. Go with long family style tables covered in charming burlap and glowing candles. Keep the little one looking dapper with corduroy and a fun bow tie. Let your invites give a preview of the day with a beautiful botanical print. Then don't forget to freshen up your look with a simple and elegant dress with some bright sexy shoes.

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  1. As always, I ador. That cake is absolutely glamorous, by the way! LOVE IT!!

  2. so soft...i love the different boutonnieres.

  3. That bouquet is just GORGEOUS!! And the bouts too! And the shoes and them. I also love the warmth of the corduroy blazer with the leather elbow just adds a cozy feeling to the board! Amazing job my dear ;-)


  4. Hey girlie! Loving those shoes! I am a heels kinda girl and those are glam!

  5. This is lovely!! That cake is to die for!! And the yellow heels - I'm all over them!

  6. I love the bouts. And the heels, of course.


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