January 18, 2011

Trend We Love

A hot new trend I've been noticing this year is moss! Just in time for spring, it is the perfect way to add in some earthy tones to your overall look. There are so many ways to incorporate moss like with this sweet and chic ring bearer pillow. Give your bouquet a boost of texture with some moss orbs. Or create easy DIY centerpieces with moss covered table numbers. Anyway you work it in, it adds an inexpensive and natural element to your wedding.


  1. I LOVE moss!!!! Gonna have to do a project with it soon!!!! Great inspiration sweetie!!!!


  2. That is so cool! great trend, i hope portuguese brides use it ;)

  3. Gorgeous! There is a great recipe for growing your own moss on items you want to look old. It is made with yogurt and dried moss from the garden.


  4. i love moss. nature and texture are my favorite aspects to incorporate.


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