February 9, 2011

Engagement: Priyanka & Sachin

So I am pretty much obsessed with this engagement shoot location! Something about the neatly organized repetition of lamp posts just appeals to the design side of me. Apparently it is in LA, which means I must now go visit. It is a fun and unique location that doesn't need any props or themes, and has never looked better than through the lens of Matei Horvath. This gorgeous and adorable couple also snapped a few shots by the pier. Am I the only one loving how the pier posts mimic the lamp posts from the other venue? Yes, my artistic design side is very pleased with this shoot, very pleased indeed!


  1. I actually drive by the lamp-post installation every day on my way home from work! It's at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). It's really pretty, and I have seen people doing photoshoots there more times than I can count! But this one is absolutely stunning... Just gorgeous! I love the stuff at the pier too. It's neat how the supports mimic the poles of the lamp posts. Very cool!

  2. What beautiful pictures and an absolutely gorgeous couple!

  3. Incredible session! I love those lamp posts!


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