February 18, 2011

Photo Fridays

Today I'm loving this woodsy yet edgy engagement shoot from the awesome team at Adam and Imthiaz Photography. This couple is modern and fun, but they are contrasted with this vibrant yellow forest backdrop. Creating contrasts is a unique and easy way to set your engagement shoot apart with little need for props.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Look forward to a sweet vineyard wedding and a vintage French inspired shoot coming your way next week!


  1. Love it! My favorite image is def the one of her striking that sassy pose & you can see the guy peeking btw the two trees. Awesome photography!

  2. So gorgeous. I love your commentary on it, as I think it's an important point for bride's to realize... you don't need 8543157984618 props to have a great shoot!

  3. Beautiful colours.. although I love the b&w's too. And the one on the swings is fun! So agree with Nicole re the props!

  4. Oh wow what a gorgeous chick! And we didn't use props in our e-pictures either. Just really rad backdrops and good ole love :) xo


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