March 1, 2011

Real Wedding: Jandee and Shane

If you don't love anything else about this wedding, you will fall in love with the venue! It is a tree filled overlook in the mountains and could not be more gorgeous! When you throw in a stunning bride and a vibrant bouquet, this wedding had amazing written all over it. The lovely photos come from Jason G.

Here are so details from the bride Jandee:
We wanted the wedding to be more of a weekend event rather than just one day. For most of our guests this was a destination wedding, so we wanted to have it somewhere that would provide a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of rooms. A colleague suggested Rockledge Country Inn and we were immediately attracted to its charming atmosphere and beautiful Colorado craftsmanship. We were able to rent out the entire house for the wedding party and rented Onaledge, which is another home the B&B owners have, for family. They were within 20 feet of each other so it was very easy for everyone to be together for the long weekend. 

We made our own wine for the wedding at D'Vine wine in Manitou Springs. The whole process was so fun and interesting. They really took the time to explain why we were doing what throughout the couple of months that it took to make. We ended up renting the space out for our rehearsal dinner. Everyone loved being able to see where we took the time to make the wine at.

Seeing the whole thing come together was a lot of fun. If I had to pick my favorite it would have to be the first dance. Shane and I spent months and a lot of money taking dance lessons to prepare. We had this whole routine, which once we got out there, went out the window! We ended up just doing our own thing and it was perfect.

Photographer | Jason G
Event Designer | Sapphire Celebrations

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  1. her dress and the rich purple color of her bridesmaids' dresses are so beautiful together!

  2. Absolutely lovely! Colors so vibrant! Love the venue! Love the look of the brides dress being short along with the bridesmaids.
    Enjoyed very much the images!

  3. the flowers are so beautiful :)

  4. OMG! I love purple, birdcage veils, AND THIS ENTIRE WEDDING! So beautiful and simple!

  5. Purple is so hot this year! What a gorgeous couple.....and fabulous flowers!

  6. Beautiful! I love her bouquet and you are right, the venue is incredible!

  7. The purple and yellow together make such a classic, yet modern look. The making of the wine is such a personalized touch that I am sure the guests appreciated! Beautiful!

  8. Making your own wine for the wedding...what a personal touch!

  9. WOW... beautiful venue!! And I too love the purple! The bouquet is also beautiful... and quite different!

  10. Oh! Those flowers are breathtaking!!!! I love them!!!!! What a great shoot!


  11. Such a gorgeous venue!!! And the bride and groom have such beautiful smiles and just look sooo happy it's infectious! Lots of fabulous details here ;-)))



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